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Struggling with your finances?
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Why Hire Us to Help with Your Bookkeeping?

Do you feel a need to maintain your financial records on your own? Maybe you feel like a bookkeeper would be too expensive. Maybe you don’t trust someone else with your sensitive information. Perhaps you’re a solopreneur and don’t want the burden of having an employee.

You may struggle to find the time, lack certain skills necessary to properly manage your books, or simply hate doing it. You may find it challenging to stay organized and on top of everything, but continue to do it yourself anyways.

Maintaining accurate records is an essential—yet time-consuming—aspect of running a business. It keeps you away from more enjoyable parts of running your company—tasks only YOU can do.

And that’s where we come in.

With our prices starting at an extremely affordable monthly rate to maintain all of your financial records and accounts, anyone can afford to keep their books in order the right way… with knowledgeable, trustworthy bookkeepers that have their back and their best interests at heart.

You’ll finally be able to get the results you want without the worry and responsibility of putting a dedicated bookkeeper on your payroll as an employee.

Those who hire a bookkeeper may discover their company was doing better than they believed—and, unfortunately, sometimes they discover their company is doing worse than they thought.

Don’t leave your finances shrouded in mystery; allow us to worry about your finances for you!


We record your receipts, expenses, and oversee all of your accounts to ensure there are no mistakes.

We determine, with the help of a Profit and Loss statement, how well your business is performing.

We process and keep track of all of the paperwork for all of your company's business transactions.

We stay on top of your finances so you can rest easy and focus on other aspects of your business.

What People Say About Kaitlyn’s Bookkeeping…

“When I became an entrepreneur, one of the biggest things I overlooked was maintaining my financial records and keeping an eye on my books. It turned into one big mess.

Kaitlyn’s Bookkeeping was instrumental in cleaning up my records and getting my finances in order. Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. I knew I was in good hands.”

Elizabeth Alkire

Founder & CEO, Alkire Virtual Marketing

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