Meet the Woman
Behind the Company

Kaitlyn Dunleavy

Founder & CEO, Kaitlyn’s Bookkeeping

Kaitlyn Dunleavy acquired a deep love for bookkeeping when her high school math teacher, a certified CPA with his own accounting business, began teaching her the ways of the bookkeeper, assigning her bookkeeping tasks as extra credit.

After high school, her desire to become a bookkeeper flourished and she began pursuing an Accounting Certificate in college. Shortly after graduating, she landed her first major bookkeeping position at a property management company, juggling 21 different apartment complexes’ books.

After working for many different companies as an employee, Kaitlyn felt compelled to open Kaitlyn’s Bookkeeping as a way to help more entrepreneurs better manage their books while saving them the hassle of hiring an employee. She wanted to give businesses the opportunity to get some tasks off of their to-do list at an affordable rate, saving them precious time and energy while still staying within their budget.

Kaitlyn currently resides in Northern California with her husband and two beautiful little girls.

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