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Q: What is Bookkeeping?

A: Bookkeeping is the day-to-day recording and organizing of a company’s financial transactions and information. It ensures that all of the financial transactions are correct, comprehensive and up-to date.

Q: Why Do People Need a Bookkeeper?

A: Many entrepreneurs struggle to find the time or desire to maintain their own records. Because of this, they may find their records are not as accurate as they would hope. Some may wonder if they’re even doing it correctly, effectively or efficiently.

The record keeping aspect of a business can be time consuming, keeping owners away from other parts of their business.

Business owners who hire a bookkeeper or outsource their bookkeeping usually discover they weren’t doing nearly as well as they thought they were–or perhaps, they’re doing even better!

Q: What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

A: Essentially, bookkeeping is the act of balancing a check book for a business, but bookkeeping tasks can vary from company to company.

Some small businesses, for example, may only have simple tasks that need to be completed whereas larger businesses may require more complex tasks be handled.

Bookkeeping tasks include recording receipts and expenses, keeping track of all accounts and ensuring accuracy. A bookkeeper also determines, with the help of a Profit and Loss statement, how well your business is doing. They are responsible for processing all of the paperwork for all of the business transactions of a company.

Q: Why Should I Choose Kaitlyn’s Bookkeeping?

A: Working exclusively online, you won’t have to worry about face-to-face meetings or getting dolled up when we work together. We maintain a high level of communication and confidentiality, so you can simply pass along all of your records, virtually, and we’ll process them with a high attention to detail and a lot of care.

You can trust that Kaitlyn’s Bookkeeping has your back and your best interests in mind, ensuring your records are accurate and always going the extra mile.


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